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An equal opportunity/affirmative action

C O N T A C T   U S
115 Business Loop 70 West
Mizzou North, Room 2021
Columbia, MO 65211-8310
Museum Associates

Museum Associates Board of Directors

I  n      S  u  p  p  o  r  t    o  f      t  h  e
Museum of Art and Archaeology


Board Members

Tracey Atwood
David Bedan
Carol Deakyne
Brian Foster
Ken Greene
Linda Harlan
Darlene Johnson
Jerry Murrell
Christiane Quinn
Terri Rohlfing
Stacey Thompson
Kathy Unrath
Jane Wagner

Board Officers

Gary Anger, President
President-Elect, Sandy Neal
Tootie Burns, Vice-President
Alex Barker, Museum Director and
   Executive Vice-President
Dennis Sentilles, Treasurer
Valerie Hammons, Secretary

Honorary Members

Patricia Atwater
Libby Gill

Ex Officio Members

Alex Barker, Director, Museum of Art and Archaeology
Bruce Cox, Assistant Director Museum Operations and
   Museum Store Manager
Benton Kidd, Associate Curator of Ancient Art
Valerie Hammons, Docent Representative
Rebecca Ruppar, Student Liaison