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Visit the Museum Store for unique shopping!

The Museum of Art and Archaeology's Museum Store has Something for Everyone!
The Museum Store is full of new merchandise fresh from a buying trip to Atlanta.


McIntosh Bone China Boxed Set of 4 Tea Cups $54. 95 each

Ahmad Black Tea, 10 Count Box $3.50 each
Ahmad Black Tea, Flavored, 10 Count Box $3
.50 each
Ahmad Black Tea, Earl Grey, 20 Count Box
$5.75 each
Dolceto Rolled Wafers $4
.95 each
J&M Flavored Tea Cookies
$4.95 each
Walkers Shortbread Fingers (2 Pack)
$1.75 each
Rendez Vous Hard Candy Tin,
$2.95 each

Assorted Wine Clutch from furry to sparkily or slick to snake skin 
$39.95 each (wine not included)

Woodstock Wind Chimes
From $39.95 to 137.95

Masterpiece Socks
$19.95 a pair

Winged Nike of Samothrace (Bronze Finish)

Sally Anders Natural Homemade Soap
$7.95 each

French Jams, Candies and Comfits
From $10.95 to $18.95

Artwork Handbags (Reproduced from Images in the Museum's Collection)
$79.95 each

Variety of Handmade Jewelry
From $15.95 to 137.95

Pashmina Scarves 
$18.95 each

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